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What Other People Say About Web Cooking Classes...
"Prepare Quality, Wholesome Food at a Fraction of the Cost..."
"I joined as a full member right away and couldn't be happier. I am still in module 1 but already have prepared high-end restaurant quality food for my family. I am not looking to become a professional chef, I am doing this for my family and myself. These courses will allow me to prepare quality, wholesome food at a fraction of the cost you would pay someone to prepare. I have control of the ingredients (and they are as varied as your imagination), as well as the process. I highly recommend this series of classes, I promise you won't regret it."
Matthew H
Birmingham, Alabama
"My Family is Really Impressed..."
"I have really enjoyed Chef Todd & his wonderful cooking instruction through this online cooking course. I've just started week 5 and have already learned so much & my cooking skills have improved tremendously. I love that it's so easy & fits into my busy schedule. Each week I look forward to building new skills & I really can't wait to see what I will be able to do by course end. My family is really impressed."
Kimberly K
McKinney, Texas
"Produce great, tasty meals from what is in the pantry..."
"I have tended to use recipes as guides rather than a cut and dried set of instructions. Since discovering Web Cooking Classes, I have totally ignored all my old recipe books and just used them as an ingredient list. Using Chef Todd's cooking methods has enabled me to produce great tasty meals from what is in the pantry and refrigerator, in less time than it used to take me to produce a family meal. I have been able to combine this course with my camping obsession. I no longer have to worry about what heat source is available as the cooking classes teach that I no longer need to time my cooking, just create juicy, tender protein for my meals."
Graham L
NSW, Australia
The Truth is... Recipes never give you the Whole Story about Cooking.
So if you rely on recipes to cook your simple everyday meals, you are not only wasting time and money... You are cooking blind 
Professionals are taught methods - not recipes - and this is the #1 thing that holds home cooks back from their best cooking.

When you follow written instructions and cook based on time or specific temperatures - as recipes tell you to do - you are not allowing for all of the variables that may exist in your unique cooking situation.

What if somebody in your household has food allergies and you need to cook with specific ingredients?

It can be difficult to find a large enough number of recipes to give you the variety that you need and crave...

What if you are missing a main ingredient (or several ingredients) that a recipe calls for?

Uh-oh. Looks like you'll spend some extra time and money on that trip to the grocery store...

What if you simply want to cook beyond the 5 or meals you know you can make well?

Looks like you'll be hitting Google for some new recipe ideas or dusting off those cookbooks and scouring through...

But the good news is that I had these frustrations as well - and I have the answer!
Are You Ready For YOUR Cooking Breakthrough?
Learning to Cook is about learning what I call The Basic "Care Free" Cooking Methods - And applying these skills to cook anything you desire.
How do I know this?

Well, I was once in the exact same boat as you!

I loved cooking and considered myself a good cook.

But the reality was that I had my 5 "go-to" dinners and that was it. When I tried out new recipes, the results were mixed. Sometimes things turned out great, other times not so great. And the problem was; I never knew WHY things turned out or HOW to fix my problems or replicate my successes.
Does this Sound Familiar?
My frustration with cooking - and my DESIRE to cook better - led me all the way to Culinary School. And after 2 years and about $40,000, I finally knew the reason why: the real secrets are being kept from home cooks!

Cooking is actually NOT about Recipes. Cooking is about learning the fundamentals and science - The Care Free Cooking Methods, as I call them, so you can duplicate them, apply your own ingredients and creativity and have an endless variety of meal ideas at your fingertips.

Care Free Cooking is about opening up your refrigerator after a long day, pulling out whatever ingredients you have on-hand, and "whipping up" a healthy, delicious, cost-effective meal you'll be proud of - in about 30 minutes.​
Are You Ready For Care Free Cooking?
So now that you know what the real problem is in your cooking - What can You Do About It?
Well, I told you before what I did... I went to culinary school. And that is certainly one solution. In fact, I know of several home cooks personally who decided to go to culinary school part-time with the singular goal of cooking better meals at home. They actually had no desire to ever cook professionally.

But this route is extremely costly - of both time and money - and obviously not an option for everyone.

And until now, other than trial and error, there really hasn't been a lot of solutions out there for home cooks, like you, who are eager to learn the HOWS and WHYS, and understand Cooking on a deeper level than recipes can ever provide.

Because if you've been cooking for any length of time, you already know how frustrating recipes can be - and that's after you actually find one that fits your ingredients, event, and unique situation...

This is the reason I started teaching cooking! Once I started sharing the skills I learned in culinary school with my friends and family, I realized just how powerful this information is. And I also realized that even the best cooks I know have never been taught these culinary skills that are Essential in All of Cooking - professional cooking and home cooking alike!
  • All Cooking comes down to Science: "Care Free Cooking Methods". Care Free Cooks know that understanding the HOWS and WHYS behind cooking is the key to becoming an excellent home cook.
  • You don't have to follow somebody else's written instructions. Care Free Cooks learn COOKING METHODS, not recipes, so they can create their own unique recipes and whip up meals that impress in a fraction of the time.
  • Cooking Freely gives you an endless variety of new meal ideas. Care Free Cooks never run out of new ideas because they learn techniques that can be duplicated over and over again, using different ingredients, flavors and textures. And if they do find an interesting recipe, they understand how to make it work for them.
After teaching Culinary Students and Home Cooks for 2 Decades, I've developed a system for teaching Care Free Cooking to the World...
And that's when I realized I had developed a Cooking System.
After graduating from culinary school and spending a few years cooking professionally - all the way up to the Executive Chef level - I found I had a love of teaching others in the kitchen so I started teaching classes at culinary school and eventually opened up my own Cooking School, where I shared the skills I learned and taught in culinary school with home cooks.

And what happened amazed me. 

Students who took just a single Sauté class at my Cooking School came back to me and told me that learning this one simple 7 step process made them want to get into their kitchen and try it out - again and again, using different ingredients each time.​
For years now, I've shared this very simple system with thousands of people all over the world and their results have been tremendous. People have been able to transform their cooking with one lesson - and achieve complete cooking mastery - one lesson at a time.

And the best part is... I developed this cooking system into an online course so that anyone with a desire to learn and become a better cook can do so at their convenience and in the comfort of their own kitchen...
Introducing: Web Cooking Classes
Cooking Methods Mastery Course
The Online Cooking Course that Creates Care Free Cooks Every Day.
Web Cooking Classes is a self-paced, online video cooking school where you can learn to free yourself from cooking by recipes and open up a whole new world of food, friends, fun and health.
  • Learn all of the "Care Free Cooking Methods" in a logical and self-paced manner, designed to get you cooking better with the very first lesson, and building your skills as you go along, enjoying success at every step.
  • Practice Every Method: Each lesson has a homework assignment that is not only fun, but provides an opportunity to practice what you've learned so you can see results immediately.
  • Interact with other Care Free Cooks: inside the Web Cooking Classes Members Area - or in the Lifetime Member-exclusive Private Facebook Group - to share ideas and get helpful advice from those who've gone before.
What is a "Care Free Cook"?
Care Free Cooks create their own recipes. 

They bring family and friends together for unforgettable meals.

Care Free Cooks learn every time they cook, define their own cooking styles and LOVE their cooking!
Everyone has a Care Free Cook inside of them and it's time you let yours out!
Your FREE 15 Day Experience Includes:
  • Online access to the Members Area and immediate access to all Lesson Week videos (1-48) in the full Web Cooking Classes online course - nothing is held back!
  • Member Only Exclusive Accountability and Support Group: In the heartbeat of the Care Free Cooks (Web Cooking Classes) community, you will get to engage with over 10,000 cooks - and counting - who actively participate to help motivate, encourage, and inspire each other.
  •  Too many bonuses to name, including: The Cooking Methods Manual and Whip Up Dinner Guide ebooks - all yours to keep even if you cancel during the trial - to thank you for trying out Web Cooking Classes
  •  Weekly homework assignments to help keep you on track and downloadable lesson notes and other resources
  •  Lifelong Care Free Cook Friendships: Over 17,000 cooks have joined Web Cooking Classes since it's creation 9 years ago. You will get to connect with care free cooks all over the world who are on the same journey you are! 
What if you could be part of something much bigger than just yourself?
What if you were a part of a MOVEMENT...

A community where you can come for help...
Where you can come for advice...
Where you can come to GET INSPIRED and BE INSPIRING...

Web Cooking Classes isn't just some random recipe or cooking site on the internet...
It's a family of the most powerful group of inspired cooks on the planet!
Are You Ready For Care Free Cooking?
Here's What Our Lifetime Members Want To Share...

I'm learning HOW to cook and leaving recipes behind.

Outside of a few dishes I learned from family, I've always been dependent on recipes.
The only time cooking ever brought me any joy was when friends would gather and we'd cook our favorites. Other than that, I never knew what I was doing, considered it a dreaded chore, and would prefer to not eat at all than have to cook. Chef Todd is changing all of that for me and suddenly I'm inspired to be a more creative cook because I'm learning about the methods.

- Viola G., Web Cooking Classes Lifetime Member

Now that I'm learning the methods & techniques I'm getting better results.

I have been “cooking” and following recipes for 40 years, but now I am really learning how to cook. I could never figure out why my results were inconsistent. I had such a hard time with timing. I am still looking at recipes for inspiration, but now I don’t have to follow them word for word, I get the “method”. These cooking courses are very entertaining and make it fun to learn. I like having the resources and the homework assignments. Thanks Chef Todd!

- Susan P., Web Cooking Classes Lifetime Member

This is a life-changer for me and also my family's health.

I decided to remove the foods that weren't supporting my family's health and replace them with healthier alternatives. That left me without many of the dishes I had relied on for years. I came across an invite for Chef Mohr's webinar. I learned so much in that first hour, that I signed up to become a Lifetime Member without a second thought. Not only do I not hate cooking anymore, I can't wait to come up with new things to put on the table for my family. There's no more "I'll grab something while I'm out", but instead "What time is dinner tonight?". This program is packed with information - and I mean PACKED! Chef Mohr is omnipresent - answering questions, commenting on posts, and always offering encouragement. 

- Maggi D., Web Cooking Classes Lifetime Member

I wish I had found this program earlier.

Prior to enrolling into Web Cooking Classes, I felt like I was a fairly decent cook and liked to cook a wide variety of things. In the 3 short weeks that I have been taking the classes, I have gained SO much more confidence in the kitchen. I no longer look for recipes for what I can cook for dinner and I think about what is in my fridge and my pantry and how I can combine those things to make a wonderful meal. I have not duplicated a meal in 3 weeks. I cannot recommend this program enough. I get so excited when someone asks me what I have been up to lately. I just can't wait to tell them how much fun I am having in the kitchen.

- Lisa F., Web Cooking Classes Lifetime Member

I'm really learning to cook now, and I'm having fun in my kitchen.

I enjoy cooking, but I've never considered myself a "good cook". Sure, I could follow a recipe, but how is that real cooking? I was missing something. I was missing the "how" and the "why". I was missing the methods of cooking well. I finally attended Chef Todd's free online cooking class. I never expected to enjoy it as much as I did and I quickly became a lifetime member. If you're "on the fence" about doing this; do it. You won't regret it. Chef Todd is a high-energy guy who knows what he's talking about, and the Facebook community is the best.

- Roger C., Web Cooking Classes Lifetime Member

I can already tell an improvement in my cooking.

I have been enjoying my cooking classes so far. I really like having access to the entire library of videos so that I can select the classes that I am most interested in and build from there. I have found that some of the basic concepts have given me license to try new things and experiment with ingredients. It has inspired me to clean through my kitchen and pantry as I try to increase the healthy options to choose from. I had gotten bored with veggies and this has opened up a whole new world to keep things creative, flavorful and non-boring!

- Nina E., Web Cooking Classes Lifetime Member

Web Cooking Classes has opened up a new way of cooking for me. 

Chef Todd is an excellent instructor and it's been a great experience taking the courses when I want to take them and working at my own pace. I am totally confident now whether I'm cooking on the grill or in the kitchen. Once you understand "the methods" you can cook anything. And I'm saving a bunch of money now when I go to the grocery store.

- Jeff M., Web Cooking Classes Lifetime Member

For the cost of one or two fancy restaurant dinners, you can learn how to dine well forever.

My only regret is not finding this course sooner. Chef Todd teaches a no-nonsense technique-based course. If you combine solid, proven methods with fresh ingredients you have a no-fail plan. I'm impressed with the way Chef reuses leftovers to create whole new dishes. Even peelings are kept for stock. No recipes mean that no one is telling you what to combine. There are no rules, other than those of hygiene and these well-taught methods. If you're wondering whether or not to buy this course, stop right now and sign yourself up. 

- Jill H., Web Cooking Classes Lifetime Member

Even the first few lessons have totally transformed my life.

I look forward to creating dinner now, and my husband is choosing my food over fast food. I have medical restrictions on what I can eat, and I was delighted to learn Chef's methods can transform even the hated Renal Diet. Thank you, Chef Todd, for healing my bad attitude toward cooking! 

- Sheri S., Web Cooking Classes Lifetime Member

I've already been telling friends about your course.

Web Cooking Classes has eliminated the expense of cooking with recipes from my life. I now have confidence in my cooking, ability to think beyond the recipe and the skills to focus on cooking with what we have in the house, which is a big money saver. I have quit cooking with recipes, and have expanded my cooking repertoire by cooking at least 3-4 times per week, using what I've learned in the online course. I've already been telling friends about your course, and telling them the fun that cooking has become through structured success - and through freedom from recipes

- John D., Web Cooking Classes Lifetime Member

I never thought I could feel this much excitement from being in the kitchen.

If anybody had told me how much this would change my life I would’ve called them a liar. I have spent my entire life loathing the kitchen because I couldn’t prepare a simple meal. My daughter constantly teased me saying the best part of going back to school was having good food to eat from the dining hall. After watching the first two lessons I mustered up the courage to try and cook. I sautéed a piece of chicken, made a pan sauce and air fried some potatoes that I cut into french fries. I cheated with the green beans because I had some left over in the freezer. It was delicious! Now I can truly say that I can cook. Chef Todd although these are just small words they are packed with heartfelt sincerity. Thank you!

- JoAnna A., Web Cooking Classes Lifetime Member

I have learned more than I thought possible. 

After cooking for a large family, it has been difficult for me to cook for only 3 people with different dietary needs. Cooking became a nightmare. I decided I needed to learn more. I have found such inspiration from the classes, and support from everyone who posts their success, failures, and questions. I learn new things every day. I am 71, and still learning.
- Helen F., Web Cooking Classes Lifetime Member

This was well worth the investment.

Since joining Chef Todd, I now have a love for cooking that I never had before. I am cooking healthier, saving money at the grocery store, learning to use what I already have in the kitchen, and even losing weight as a result. This was well worth the investment. Just ask my family.

- Cinda, Web Cooking Classes Lifetime Member

I have never had so much fun cooking! 

Chef Todd is so entertaining but also great at teaching. What you learn sticks with you... just like pasta on the ceiling. This is the best investment I've ever made. You will be thrilled with the lifetime membership... that's the only way to go. I no longer panic at the thought of entertaining. I have confidence now because I've learned methods (the mechanics of cooking) instead of hit or miss recipes... a game-changer. No more burnt whatever on the grill, no more lumpy sticky roux, joy in the kitchen instead of frustration!

- Denise H., Web Cooking Classes Lifetime Member

I feel like I've finally discovered the secret to great cooking!

Chef Todd's Web Cooking Classes classes and videos have taught me more about cooking in the short time I've been a lifetime member than in ALL my previous years of watching TV cooking shows, YouTube videos, and reading recipe books combined! His teaching skill is exceptional and the humor he adds makes it extremely fun. My cooking has improved so much that my family and friends rave and compliment me every meal I prepare now, which just makes cooking that much more enjoyable and fulfilling! The lifetime membership is money I consider very well spent and is now being returned back to me 100 times over in better more efficient meal planning, food shopping, storage, and prep, and a lot less cooking fails.

- Mike, Web Cooking Classes Lifetime Member

My friends are amazed at the quality of dishes I'm turning out. 

Before WCC, I was limited to the same usual "safe" recipes week-after- week. But since WCC, I've been thinking out of the box, I no longer rely on recipes, I think about what I have in the pantry and fridge and go from there. My friends are amazed at the quality of dishes I'm turning out. Thank you, Chef Todd for making this painless, and so much fun!

- Dan R., Web Cooking Classes Lifetime Member
Here's What Our Members Say Inside the Care Free Cooks Community:

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  • Bonus: The Basic Cooking Methods Manual
  • Bonus: The Whip Up Dinner Everyday Cooking Guide
  • Bonus Video Workshop: Immediate access to  "The 5 Chef Secrets for Creating Amazing Meals at Home"
  • Bonus Reference Guides: The Kitchen Readiness Reference Guide, The Essential Kitchen Tools Checklist, Knife Cuts Practice Cheat Sheet
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I'm SO excited to help you take this next step in your cooking - RISK FREE.
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